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Face Lift Exercises – Are They A Waste of Time?

Reducing wrinkles, taking away the jowls and double chin, and removing the bags under the eyes does not take expensive cosmetic surgery or procedures. Instead, you can employ face lift exercises that will bring back your youthful appearance.


There are numerous benefits when you employ exercises that lift the face, tone the muscles, and take years away from your appearance.

Toning: Keep in mind that the lifting exercises will tone the muscles, not make them bigger. By toning the facial muscles, it not only tightens the skin, but also improves the health of the muscles themselves. As part of an overall exercise program combined with a proper diet, you can improve the appearance of your entire body.

Blood Flow: Proper exercises improve the flow of blood through the muscles which in turn provides a more youthful look to the skin. The increase in blood flow allows the skin to become healed more rapidly, but it also helps provide an appearance of being younger and more vibrant.

Reduce Tension: With over 50 muscles in the face, exercising them properly so they become toned will not only create a more youthful look, but also release the tension in your neck and facial muscles. Plus, it can even reduce eye strain as well.

How Face Lift Exercises Work

Each muscle group in your face is addressed with separate exercises that only take a few minutes to complete.

Forehead: Over time, the skin on your forehead will develop wrinkles as the skin loses its elasticity. There are simple exercises that work the muscles in your forehead which improves blood flow and reduces the appearance of wrinkling.

Eyes: Crow’s feet and bags under the eyes are common issues as people age. By introducing tension exercises, the wrinkling that has occurred can be reduced along with the application of proper skin creams. Brow lifts and stretches will help tone the muscles surrounding your eyes and relax them as well which reduces tension.

Cheeks and Mouth: Simple exercises like smiling and pressing your cheeks gently with the fingers can improve blood flow and create taught muscles that hold the skin tightly. A few reps three to five times each week will take away the wrinkles around the mouth and strengthen the cheek muscles.

Neck: Sagging skin and a double chin can be corrected by applying the proper stretching through tilting the head, pursing the lips, and other exercises that tone the muscle groups. This will help pull the skin in tighter and with the proper diet will take years off your looks.

If you want to take years off your face without surgery, fillers, or botox, the simple answer is Facial Aerobics, an exercise program that tones the muscles and lifts the face. By employing these exercises three to five times per week, you can take years off your appearance thanks to the toning and improved blood flow which provides a more youthful look. When combined with a proper diet and skin moisturizers that block out UV rays, you can make dramatic improvements which will restore your appearance and make you feel better as well.

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