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Urban Rebounder Review- Can It Firm Your Entire Body?

Looking for an anti-aging solution that will not only firm your face but your entire body?  New evidence shows that a concept called “rebounding” can redistribute your cells and increase your ability to filter toxins, boost heart rate and cardiovascular fitness as well as improve balance.  Of course, this concept didn’t originate on a trampoline, it actually started thousands of years ago when native Africans would jump up and down in front of a fire when in order to cure illnesses… and it worked.  Modern technology has created expensive machines to do this, but a trampoline is actually a cheap and effective way to accomplish this form of exercise.  Here are the main benefits:

1) Low Impact Cardiovascular Fitness

By jumping on a trampoline, the flexible surface moves with you as you land, reducing the impact of landing. So, unlike other forms of cardiovascular fitness such as running, which puts a ton of stress on your knees, ankles, and joints, trampolining puts less stress on your body and is less likely to generate impact-based injuries.  The other benefit of the jumping motion is that it enables you to increase your heart rate, thereby improving your cardiovascular fitness when performed regularly at a moderate to high intensity. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends American adults receive a minimum of 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise to promote cardiovascular health.

2) Improved Lymphatic Function

One of the greatest benefits of jumping on a trampoline is the benefit it offers to your lymphatic system, which plays an important role in immunity.  This happens by immersing cells throughout your body in lymph fluid, which collects cellular waste and moves it toward the appropriate waste removal system, like your skin, lungs, liver, or kidneys. Your lymphatic system runs vertically along your extremities, but unlike the cardiovascular system, doesn’t have a pump to keep lymphatic fluid and waste products moving.

Rather, your system requires muscular contraction to move waste up the system and away from your extremities.  Most forms of exercise can help generate this movement, but the up-and-down bouncing of trampolining is particularly effective due to the fact that it’s relatively easy to perform and stimulates your lymph system’s one-way valves to open and close simultaneously, which increases lymph flow substantially as it works against gravity to travel up the lymphatic system. This keeps waste products moving, clearing the body of toxins, and improving overall immune function.

3) Improved Balance and Coordination

While keeping balance the first few times you jump on a trampoline may be difficult,  over time you’ll get better coordination and jump for longer periods. Once you find your center of gravity and “re-balance” before landing again you’ll become better at maintaining your equilibrium despite unexpected movement patterns.  You also get better at predicting your body’s movements based on how you land, enabling you to recover faster. In essence, your balance and coordination improve.

A few studies have proven that balance is significantly improved in almost every demographic when trampolines are used regularly. For example, a 2011 study published in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology found that when elderly individuals used mini trampolines for 14 weeks, their balance improved considerably and they were less likely to experience a forward fall. And in another 2013 study published in Research in Developmental Disabilities, researchers found that children who engaged in a 12-week exercise intervention with mini trampolines saw marked improvement in motor function and balance at the end of the study.

4. Its Fun

Jumping on a trampoline is fun because it simply feels good.  Just like when you were a child, this sensation gives you a sense of freedom, like you could fly for a few seconds.  In addition, a 2014 study released by the Cornell Food and Brand Lab found that people who viewed physical activity as exercise were more likely to eat more afterward and be more fatigued and less satisfied with their workout. On the other hand, those who viewed physical activity as a fun pastime ate less following their activity and were more likely to view the experience as enjoyable.

Granted, Cornell’s study was a study with controlled variables, but the results are significant. If you can change your attitude about physical activity and what it means, the more likely you are to make positive decisions about food.

If you’re going to buy a reliable indoor home trampoline I recommend the MP Rebounder because is easily stored and transported as it folds in half and then into quarters and comes with a neat carry/storage bag.   Used by Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors, the MP Rebounder is a versatile tool which even gives top athletes an edge over their opponents by increasing balance, coordination and core strength, including muscular strength and endurance.

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Here are some specs on the MP Rebounder:

Package includes stability bar, new modern high energy rebounding DVD with 3 amazing fun workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and bonus core and stretch workout to ensure you get great results and burn 1000’s of calories. Our rebounding programs are presented by UK Rebound Master trainers. The workouts are very motivating and provide an excellent cardiovascular workout and also toning, conditioning and flexibility exercises.

The MaXimus Pro Rebounder is one of the USA’s top-selling mini trampolines as it is extremely robust, a great unique folding design, very low impact, and delivers amazing fitness benefits and health efficacies! Can take 300lb person. The reason why people choose our rebounder is that unlike cheap mini trampoline toys, the Maximus Pro Rebounder is made of high-quality expensive component parts and it is built to last. Supplied with a full warranty and all component parts are replaceable.
Giant jumbo coiled springs and double cross stitched mat gives a very resilient and low impact and quiet bounce. Effective drainage for lymphoedema sufferers

Includes resistance bands and sand weights for great toning work, and the package also comes with sand weights for extra resistance making this the best value rebounder fitness package on the market. Non marking rubber feet. The MP Rebounder is 40inches across (standard size) when set up and folds down very small for storage. Spring loaded legs.

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